He Lost His Wife In An Accident. The Way This Father Honors Her Memory Will Touch Your Heart.

Rafael del Col, a Brazilian blogger, was devastated when he lost his beautiful wife, Tatiane Valques, in a tragic road accident in 2013. He was left to raise their infant daughter, Raisinha, who was only a few months old at the time. Now, nearly two years later, he still feels the pain of that loss but has also found a beautiful way to come to terms with it.

Rafael decided to recreate some of his favorite photos of his late wife with his adorable daughter as a substitute. They do their best to get her clothes and accessories matched up as closely as possible, even using Tatiane’s actual necklace and shoes – which, may I say, is the single cutest moment of the whole thing. The results speak for themselves. Now excuse me while I go kiss my wife and fix this strange, inexplicable leaking in my eyes.


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