See How Amazing This Plow Is Helping Farm Work

I’ve always thought that in order to lay down a pipe interconnecting others or other places that you’d have to dig up a massive hole to do it.

Well, I was apparently very wrong. This massive GP-Series V Plow in Holland manages to not only lay the pipe down, but does so without having to dig up anything at all! Basically this machine operates using a V shaped cut of metal with a “tooth” near the bottom; the V is positioned near one section of drainage and simply slices through the ground while feeding the pipe into the dirt via a section on the tooth.

This marvelous machine comes with a 500hp MTU engine and a Raven, SBG GPS steering system to keep the perfect depth throughout the entire trip! Plus, there’s something oddly satisfying about it leaving behind only a small bump in the ground. At least it looks better than long trails of freshly compacted dirt!


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