Dad Returns Home From Getting Breakfast To A House Fire. A Stranger Tells Him What He Needed To Hear

An Iraq war veteran ran into a burning home and helped two children make it to safety. Chris Poe was driving with his family four blocks away when he saw smoke rising from a rooftop and his instincts told him to take action. “There wasn’t really any time to think about what you’re going to do, there was just time to do something,” Poe said. “The most logical thing was to just see if anybody was still inside the house, so you just do that.” It turns out there were two children in the home. One was in a panic and the other was unaware of the danger as flames climbed up an outside wall of the home. Poe went upstairs and didn’t find anyone, so he came back to the first floor where he found an 8-year-old boy he described as “frantic” and told him get out of the house and go across the street. He then went into the basement where he found a 14-year-old girl who didn’t know the house was burning. “I told her her house was on fire and I asked if anybody else was in the house,” Poe said. “She said no, but her cat was still there.” The children’s father, Ian Sandefer, had left to buy the family breakfast when the fire broke out. “When I pulled up, I ran to the door and somebody just said ‘your kids are already out,’ so I went over and found my kids and made sure they were OK,” Sandefer said. “I’d like to say thank you. To put yourself at risk to help somebody you never met, a family you don’t know.” Poe said he was glad to see the children reunited with their father. “I remember looking over at the tree and seeing the dad and the kids hugging each other,” Poe said. “That was great.”


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