Architects Turn Rusty Old Ship Into A Gorgeous Structure Filled With Plants And Trees

South Korea-based Shinslab Architecture created a stunning pavilion titled ‘Temp’L’ for the Seoul edition of MoMA’s Young Architects Program.  The exhibit looks like casual abstract art at first, until you take a closer…

It’s a ship! Shinslab Architecture chopped off a part of a ship, flipped it upside down, and turned it into a beautiful building that won this year’s MoMA Young Architects Program in Seoul. When you enter the ship, visitors can find trees, benches, and a spiral staircase leading to a balcony. It’s truly stunning!

Old ship turns into building1

Old ship turns into building2

Old ship turns into building3

Old ship turns into building4

Old ship turns into building5

Old ship turns into building6

Old ship turns into building7

Old ship turns into building8


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