Instead Of Tossing Away Their Old Trampoline, They Flipped It Over For This Brilliant Reason…

There are many different ideas of what the American Dream is.  I believed that the American Dream was having a trampoline in your backyard. I’d try hard to make friends at school with the kids who had one, in the hopes I would be invited over.

Unfortunately, as you grow older, your enthusiasm for trampolines tends to die out. So, what happens when you’ve outgrown your trampoline then?

We’ve found 7 out-of-the-box ideas for you to get some extra life out of your  trampoline.

1. Garden Fence

old trampoline ideas

When you flip over a trampoline, it transforms into the perfect bed for a new garden. All you need to do is put soil over the surface and use the legs as a wall to keep out unwanted pests or hungry rodents.


2. An Awning

old trampoline ideas

Simply by extending the legs of a trampoline, you then turn it into an awning over your outdoor furniture.  It will do great job of keeping you safe from the elements.


3. A Hanging Canopy

old trampoline ideas

Tired of jumping on a trampoline, maybe you can sleep on it.   How about a swinging bed?  With a sturdy hook and some sheets, you can create a gorgeous swinging canopy bed.


4. A Backyard Tent

old trampoline ideas

Camping not for you? Turn your trampoline into a tent and have your own camping trip in the back yard.


5. A Decorative Arch

old trampoline ideas


6. Chicken Coop

old trampoline ideas

You own chickens and a trampoline?  This upcycling idea is perfect. If you have a small dog, you can also use it as an outdoor doghouse.


7. A Ball Stopper

old trampoline ideas

This idea will keep your kids entertained and safe from running into traffic.


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