10 Important Things Your Older Sister Probably Never Told You

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When you’re the youngest child in the family, you always have to your older siblings. Often times you can feel like you’re being bossed around, causing resentment, complaints, and remonstrance. But there is another way to look at this situation?

There are a lot of things your older sister had to deal with but never told you about.

1. She was brought up under stricter rules
She was the first child, and she was the only child for a long period of time. Your mom and dad were only starting to learn how to be parents. They didn’t really know what they were doing. There is always a fear of making mistakes in these cases; therefore, they set very strict rules for her. When they had you, they had already learned about parenting and were more flexible.

2. Your parents often remind her that she is the older one
An older sister has to be smart, even though she wants to act up. She has to give in even though she doesn’t want to. Parents always say these things, but she understands it. Therefore, she knows she has to be the responsible one.
She learned how to be responsible for the little munchkin (you). She tried not to make much noise so the baby wouldn’t wake up. Then, she became responsible for the naughty girl who had to be taken to kindergarten. She was responsible for the spry schoolgirl who needed a huge amount of time to get ready for school. She was also responsible for the third grader who didn’t want to do homework, and for the seventh grader who skipped school from time to time. There were so many different responsibilities.

3. She tried to be a good role model for you
Your older sister couldn’t be like her crazy friends. Even though she was young, she had to learn to think carefully about her decisions and actions like an adult. She knew you looked up to her. Of course, she had an impact on your upbringing. But you also influenced her, you were a motivation to get better every day.

4. Sometimes you were a real disaster for her
She had to deal with a lot of difficult stuff, like a complicated relationship with your parents, school problems, and quarrels with friends, all by herself. She wanted to help you so she shared her experiences. Sometimes you thought it sounded obtrusive, boring, and irritating. You were really defensive and crossly rolled your eyes. But your sister tried not to pay any attention to your behavior, so she carried on and protected you to help you avoid any trouble.

5. She knew you’d make mistakes
Yes, she gave you advice and shared her experiences. However, she knew you had to deal with some things yourself. So in some cases, she just watched you make mistakes and let it take its course. But no matter what, she was always supportive, ready to be the shoulder to cry on, and be there comfort you afterward.

6. She helped your parents understand you
Sometimes she had to take the role of mediator when it was necessary. Even when you weren’t right, your older sister stood up for you and tried to explain to your parents the reasons behind your bad behavior.

7. She was worried when you grew up and started dating
When you became a teenager, your older sister gave you tips on how to talk to boys, do your makeup, and match your clothes. She answered questions that you were too awkward to ask your parents. On one hand, she was happy to see you in love. But on the other, she was very worried that someone could break your heart.

8. She had to be strict with you
Sometimes you felt like your sister didn’t care about you and your problems; you thought she teased you just for fun. But she was actually trying to motivate you when you had to concentrate and pull yourself together. This strategy worked better than pity and blandishments.

9. Sometimes she was absolutely confused
Your older sister tried different roles. She had to be a teacher, a friend, and a bodyguard. But most of the time, she didn’t know what she was doing. But in spite of this, she pulled herself together.

10. She is always ready to help you
Your older sister is happy to be the first person you call in an emergency. She will selflessly come to your rescue and try to solve your problem like it’s her own.
She had a huge influence on your upbringing and personal development. She loves you like no one else in the whole world. You are not just siblings. You are not just friends. You are both of these things. Forever. Appreciate your older sister.


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