Press Your Forefinger For 60 Seconds. People Everywhere Are Amazed by The Effect It Has On Them…

Reflexology is a type of massage that many practitioners associate with medical benefits. While the jury is out as to the effectiveness of the practice, you certainly won’t feel any worse after a session! While the traditional Eastern practice of acupressure is similar, the focus of each method is very different. Acupressure relies on long-accepted “pressure points,” the manipulation of which many medical studies have shown to be effective in at least some of their associated claims.

The way reflexologists approach the matter is slightly different. They believe that the hands and feet can be divided into zones that correspond to various parts of the human body. By using special techniques that vary slightly from zone to zone, one can theoretically treat a wide variety of ailments.

Even if you don’t quite buy into the concept, we recommend you give both acupressure and reflexology a try. Whether you find yourself cured of a migraine, stomach ache, or sore back, or not, we guarantee you’ll find the experience an enjoyable one!

The key to reflexology lies in knowing the “zones.” This handy chart shows all of them!
Reflexology Guide To Common Ailments
As you can see from the chart, the thumb is loaded with zones. But one in particular, the soft portion of the hand where the thumb meets the rest, is the sweet spot for handling sore throats or stiff necks.
Reflexology Guide To Common Ailments
Allergy season got you down? Give your index finger a good working over, starting just below the base, which is associated with the heart and lungs, and working your way up through the sinuses and eyes to relieve that congestion and itchiness.
Reflexology Guide To Common Ailments
The tips of your middle and index fingers, as well as your thumb, are a great location to favor if you’re finding yourself suffering from headaches, or just want a little more clarity of thought.
Reflexology Guide To Common Ailments
Perhaps because of its link with the heart, the ring finger is a go-to zone for improving mood. A firm grip all the way around to massage this finger can calm you down or lift you up.
Reflexology Guide To Common Ailments
The modern workplace has a lot of benefits, but one major downside is that a long day of sitting in a poorly designed office chair can leave your shoulders a mess of knots. Take your little finger out for a spin and see if that doesn’t ease some of that shoulder tension right up.
Reflexology Guide To Common Ailments
Here’s a helpful video demonstrating many of the various special techniques that reflexologists use to perform their trade.


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