This Son Wrote A Funny Obituary About His Mother And Now The World Wishes They Could Have Met Her

“If you’re looking for 2 extremely large TV’s from the 90s, a large ceramic stork (we think) umbrella/cane stand, a toaster oven (slightly used) or even a 2001 Oldsmobile with a spoiler (she loved putting the pedal to the metal), with only 71,000 kilometers and 1,000 tools that we aren’t sure what they’re used for,” he wrote. “You should wait the appropriate amount of time and get in touch. Tomorrow would be fine. This is not an ad for a pawn shop, but an obituary for a great Woman, Mother, Grandmother and Great-Grandmother born on May 12, 1921…”

Since the obituary was first released, it has gone viral the world over.

“(Responses) started flooding in,” he said. “(Everyone) was going, ‘This is fantastic! We have a dysfunctional family too but we would just never say it.’”

He added, “I wrote this for the family … I didn’t know anyone else would ever get it.”

He described how his mother was a private person saying his mother told the family, “’Look guys, when I die, I don’t want a funeral, I don’t want anything … just take my ashes and spread them out at Bloor and Yonge. That’s where I kissed your dad the first time.’”

At the end of the obituary, Sandy wrote that the family “will never forget her tenacity, wit, charm, grace (when pertinent) and undying love and caring for them.”

“She probably would love the reaction,” he said when asked what she would think of all this attention now. “(She) may not show it … but she’d be saying how much money did you spend putting that in the paper?”

He added, “I hope she is looking down and laughing her head off.”


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