Sponge Holder In Shape Of A Miniature Bed Is Something Every Kitchen Needs

Tel Aviv based design studio, Wishlist, created Clean Dreams, a kitchen sponge holder in the shape of a small bed. Clean Dreams comes with a double layered sponge and fits most sponges.

Once the dishes are clean and bright, lay your sponge in its bed and let it sleep tight.

Sponge holder1

A double layered sponge looks like bed linen

Sponge holder2

An internal spine keeps the soapy water away from the sponge.

Sponge holder3

Fits most sponges – even the glittery ones who just want to party all night long.

Sponge holder4

Any kitchen could use a miniature bed for some sponge rest.

Sponge holder5

Sponge holder6


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