Hundreds Of Horses Were Stranded On An Island Until A Group Of Women Do The Unthinkable…

The storm hit in the small Netherlands town of Marrum, located about 90 miles outside of Amsterdam. As sea water rushed ashore, a tiny, muddy island was formed. It was there that the horses found themselves trapped.

For three long days, the horses shivered on their island. With no food or proper rest, they were quickly growing weak. There was nothing they could do but huddle together for warmth as cold wind and rain came at them from every angle.  

trapped horses in islands

Authorities weren’t sure how to handle the situation. The only way to rescue the horses was to lead them across the flood waters – a difficult and dangerous task. 

trapped horses in islands

With waters expected to rise even higher and 19 horses already dead, Norma Miedema refused to give up. She not only was the first person to contact the authorities, but pestered them until something was done. 

trapped horses in islands

Suddenly, on a message appeared on the Friesian horse forum. It read: “Horses and riders sought … Only experienced riders with horses without fear of water.” 

trapped horses in islands

Six women, ages 19 to 40, answered the ad. The next day, they met to begin the harrowing rescue. 

trapped horses in islands

Amazingly, every single horse was saved – even this terrified little guy, who had to be personally escorted by a group of five.

trapped horses in islands

Without the bravery of these women and their horses, the trapped animals would certainly have perished. The group was later honored by their government and the town of Marrum with this striking memorial.  

traped horses in islands

Check out the video below to see more of this amazing rescue: 


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