An Emotional Thai Commercial That Teaches Us How Important It Is To Stay Motivated

The commercial continues the sad advertising trend in Thai commercials. “Growing Together” is a sentimental story that explores a familiar trope — the relationship between man and canine.

In the video, a female veterinarian is bandaging up an injured dog. Then she has a flashback and you get to see how she ended up a vet. As a young lady she was afraid of dogs. One dog always barks at her as she walks home from school. When the dog’s owner dies, the dog remains at his dead owner’s house.

Eventually the young lady gets up enough courage to feed the heartbroken dog. She nurses him back to health, and they adopt each other. The young lady’s life is enriched by the dog. He accompanies her everywhere, protecting her and providing companionship. When she goes to school, the dog waits at her bus stop until she returns.

One day after school, the dog isn’t at the bus stop. The girl searches frantically for him. When she finds him, he is dying — the victim of a hit-and-run. The girl scoops her pal up and runs to the nearest vet, but the office is closed.

As the dog closes his eyes and goes on to eternity, all the good times he has with the girl flash before his eyes. In the next scene, you are transported back to the present where you see the lady working as a vet again. When she is done bandaging the lame animal, she pulls out her dead dog’s collar and remembers him.

You don’t find out the purpose of this emotion-rending video until its final seconds. At the end, the words, “One of the students receiving scholarships under Krungthai University Graduates Project?” flash underneath a photo of the vet at college. And then the meaning is crystal clear: The bank is reaffirming its commitment to helping Thai children reach their educational goals.



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