You Won’t Believe This 59-Year-Old Grandmother Is A Successful Fashion Model

By the time most women reach their late 20s or early 30s, it’s safe to say that they have ruled out the possibility of holding a career as a model. Although women of all shapes, sizes and ages are beautiful, the modeling world, especially the fashion modeling world, seems to be mostly open to young women.

The fashion industry may be exclusive, but there’s someone who won’t let that stop her from finding plenty of success in it.

This is Yasmina Rossi, a 59-year-old grandmother.
59-year-old fashion model 1

She also happens to be a successful fashion model.
59-year-old fashion model 2

She has worked with brands like Hermes, Marks & Spencer and Macy’s.
59-year-old fashion model 3

Born in France in 1955, she was raised on the island of Corsica, just west of Italy.
59-year-old fashion model 4

When asked how she has managed to keep herself in such great shape, Yasmina says that there’s no real secret.
59-year-old fashion model 5

In an interview with the Sunday Times’ Style Magazine, she said, “All I have ever done is eat organic food – long before it became trendy.”
59-year-old fashion model 6

She says that she uses oil on her skin and puts rapeseed oil on her hair.
59-year-old fashion model 7

She scrubs her skin once a week with “olive oil and fine sugar.”
59-year-old fashion model 8

“I eat an avocado a day and organic meat and fish,” Yasmina explains.
59-year-old fashion model 9

She also does some moderate exercise to keep her figure.
59-year-old fashion model 10

These simple tricks seem to be working well for her. She’s absolutely stunning.
59-year-old fashion model 11
As if her modeling career wasn’t impressive enough, that’s not all that Yasmina does. She also happens to be an advanced ceramist and a photographer. If you want to see some of her work, check out her website.


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