Her Moves On The ‘Ellen’ Show Makes The Audience Go Wild

The Bruno Mars song “Uptown Funk” has captured the world since its release in 2014. The music video has more than one billion views, and the song reportedly makes over $100,000 per week from streams on Spotify. One of the reasons the song is so popular is it’s just so much fun to dance to. If you’ve been to any party or large event over the past few years, you’ve probably heard the song blaring through the speakers, and danced along to it with everyone else.

One person who really knows how to dance to this song is Shirley Clements. She is a dance instructor from Canada who recently taught her students a dance to the pop hit and recorded a video of herself performing it with them. What makes Shirley so unique? She is 60 years old and on the verge of retirement. In fact, the song “Uptown Funk” inspired her because it contains the lyric “Makes a dragon want to retire.” Shirley just so happens to work at a school where the mascot is a dragon, so the opportunity to dance to it was just too good to pass up.
When Shirley’s video was uploaded, Ellen shared it on her website and it became a viral hit. Soon, Shirley became so popular that Ellen invited her onto the show to perform the dance live in front of her studio audience. Shirley nailed her routine and now has the title of the hippest retiree in all of Canada.



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