This Short Film About A Man And His Dog Will Bring You To Tears

“Until one has loved a dog, part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” Those wise words from Anatole France are basis behind this tear-jerking short film that has us running to give our pooches a big hug and a scratch behind their ears.


From his dog’s rescue at the base of a lake in a trash bag, to his passing years later, director Shawn Welling shows us what his dog would tell his family if he could talk. Nearly a decade of romping, playing, adventuring and bonding with their daughter led to a fulfilled life that he can feel happy about moving on from – despite his family’s obvious grief and sadness.


There’s a reason why “Dog” is “God” spelled backwards. They are the closest thing to pure love and happiness in Earthly form and we are lucky to have them as companions, and as “man’s best friend.” So if you have a precious pup cuddling by your feet or playing with their favorite toy near you, watch this video and be sure to give them a little extra lovin’ today. 


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