Dentist Saw What Her Abusive Boyfriend Did To Her Teeth And Repaired Them For Free

Kyleigh Scott, of Marshall, Texas, was working two jobs: one as a server and the other as a cashier. She needed both jobs because she was saving up to have an infected wisdom tooth removed and wanted to be able to pay the dentist. Once she saved enough money, she made an appointment with Marshall Family Dental. While the dentist was working on her infected tooth, he asked how she chipped her front teeth.

abusive relationship

She told him that some years ago, her boyfriend head-butted her face and broke her right front tooth. She left that abusive relationship and was hoping that when she received her tax returns, she could have it fixed. The dentist fixed it on the spot for free.

abusive relationship

Kyleigh had a gorgeous new smile, and when she saw it, she broke down and cried.

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