Reminder To Everyone On How Our Cell Phones Affect Us

Technological advances are vital, but some of the effects on society are less than desirable. This man’s call to “look up” is certainly not misplaced. While it’s not featured in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSOM) just yet, technology addiction is quickly being recognized as a serious problem.

Studies done on the subject have shown a link between excessive use of a smartphone and insomnia, depression and social withdrawal. While there isn’t a standard treatment for excessive use of technology, experts in addiction suggest identifying triggers for the overuse, such as boredom or stress. Then, the learned automatic response of using the smartphone to relieve these triggers must be challenged and reversed.

While I love my smartphone as much as anyone else, I have to say I do sometimes feel guilty of relying on it too often. Sometimes, it’s crucial to put down the technology, and simply look up.


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