She Gave Up Her Baby For Adoption, But Adoptive Mom Runs Away After Seeing Her Newborn’s Face…

A Georgia mom is raising the baby girl she gave up for adoption after the infant’s adoptive parents backed out of their deal.

When 36-year-old Christina Fischer first learned she was pregnant last year, she immediately knew she wanted her baby to have a better life.

With one child at home, the Walton Beach mom simply couldn’t afford to take care of another baby in her current financial situation.

That’s why Fischer made the painful decision to find her baby a loving home and give her up for adoption.

It wasn’t until Abigail Lynn Fischer was finally born on January 11 that things took a heartbreaking turn for the worse.

Despite all of Fischer’s prenatal tests coming back normal, Abigail was born with Treacher Collins, a rare condition that affects the bones and tissues in the face.

adoptive mom runs away newborn face

When Abigail’s adoptive parents found out about the condition, they left the hospital without saying a single word.

“I let her [adoptive mom] take the other wristband into the NICU,” Fischer told the NFW Daily News. “She came out crying, looked at Debra [Fischer’s older daughter] and left the hospital. We never heard from them again.”

Although the adoption agency was reportedly “appalled” by the adoptive family’s behavior, Fischer now believes the whole ordeal was fate.

“I took it as a sign that she was supposed to be mine,” she said. “And now, she is my heart …”

“Without her I would cease to exist,” the proud mom added.


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