Hidden Camera Captures The Shocking Moment Caregiver Beats 94-Year-Old Alzheimer’s Patient

Some people are undeniably evil and shouldn’t be left alone with anyone. Memorial Village Police in Houston, Texas immediately put a warrant out for the arrest of Brenda Floyd, a caregiver, after she was caught on camera beating Alzheimer’s patient Dorothy Bratten. Bratten is unable speak for herself, but was being terrorized by Floyd for feeding a dog “people food”.

When Bratten’s family saw that her body was covered in bruises, they feared the worst. They set up a hidden camera in her home and the video footage confirmed their worst fears: the caretaker was beating her.

Police originally released the video online in hopes of tracking down Floyd. The story soon went viral and people started calling in from all over.

alzheimer's patient abuse


alzheimer's patient abuse

“We have had people calling from across the state who know Ms. Floyd and have had contact with her. The story has obviously gone viral. We have received inquiries from as far away as the United Kingdom,” said Memorial Villages Assistant Police Chief Ray Schultz.

Thankfully, the caregiver is in custody and it doesn’t look like she’s going to abuse people like that again.


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