Husband Unzips Hoodie To Announce To Friends He And Wife Are Having Twins And Everyone Loses It

About two years after getting married, Brittany and Timothy learned they were pregnant and due in May 2017. Like many other parents-to-be these days, the couple from Ontario decided to keep their baby’s gender a secret until halfway through the pregnancy — but they also left out one other vital piece of information.

Brittany and Timothy invited all of their friends and family to the house for a gender reveal party. After the guests made their bets as to whether it would be a boy or girl, the couple opened a box and released a bunch of blue balloons. It was a boy!

But that wasn’t the only surprise.

In the clip below, Timothy turns to the guests. “Thank you for coming from so far away,” he says. “And I think this is probably the best way to say it.”

With that, Timothy unzips his hoodie to reveal a very special message printed on his T-shirt.

It’s impossible not to have fun watching the camera pan to the guests and watch reaction after reaction.

“This video sums up the excitement and surprise in the room that day!” Brittany says. I’m so happy they caught this magical day on camera for all the world to see.

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