When You See This Animated Arcade, You Can’t Help But Feel Soothed When The Music Starts

Time – it’s the one thing that unites all of humanity. Animals have a sense of time, but they don’t really care about measuring it as much as we do. We humans are obsessed with time, and for the majority of us it seems there’s never enough of it. Having dedicated so much effort to measuring time precisely, however, it’s kind of ironic that the passage of time can still be so incredibly subjective.

Depending on what is going on in your life, your experience of time and progress could vary hugely from someone else. Some people might feel like their lives are staying put while everyone else seems to be moving on with life – it’s a feeling single people in their 30’s often have as their friends all settle down and start families.

Israeli artist Jane Bordeaux’s song “Ma’agalim” deals with these exact issues, and is accompanied by an absolutely gorgeous music video by animator Uri Lotan, also from Israel. If Uri’s art style looks familiar, it’s because he’s also done a lot of work on various Disney/Pixar projects, most recently Hotel Transylvania 2. “Ma’agalim” means “circles” in Hebrew, and the video is a beautiful reflection of the song’s lyrics, which deal with feeling stuck in time while the world keeps moving around you.


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