15 Excellent Art Projects That Will Add Some Sparkle To Any Room

We believe that all of us are talented, and that’s why we put together this selection of superb hand-made art ideas.

Oriental Fragrance
art decorations to your room 1
If you have some old CDs lying around at home, don’t hurry to throw them out — they can be given another chance for life in the form of a beautiful bird bath. You can find the details on how to make it here.

Nature In Your House
art decorations to your room 2
Any beautiful branch from your garden can become the template for a painting. All you need is some ordinary spray paint, and the step-by-step instructions that can be found here.

A Button Tree
art decorations to your room 3
This beautiful Button Tree will grow on your wall without any effort. All you have to do is draw a trunk and decorate the branches with any old colorful buttons you have lying around. See how it’s done here.

Duct Tape Patterns
art decorations to your room 4
You can easily make this vivid painting by creating geometrical patterns the duct tape, and then painting each blank area in a different color.

A World Map
art decorations to your room 5
Now here’s a magnificent idea: a printed map transferred onto wood with the help of carbon paper. If you have some leftover planks, try it!

Giving Old Photos New Life
art decorations to your room 6
Have you got old photos you don’t want anymore, but don’t really want to throw them out? Or maybe, you have too many copies of old photos? Then attach them to wooden letters, as shown here, and make an inscription that will bring joy to your family every time they see it.

The Swallows Have Arrived
art decorations to your room 7
These funny paper birds, which you can find out how to make here, will look wonderful on your wall and help create a feeling that you’re flying through the air.

Paint Splatters
art decorations to your room 8
Using paint and an ordinary hair dryer, you can create wonderfully vivid paintings and have a lot of fun, as has been done here!

A Wooden Painting
art decorations to your room 9
A transferred picture will breathe life into any piece of wood, making it a stylish accessory for your house. You’ll know how to deal with the intricacies of this process here.

Newspaper Art
art decorations to your room 10
Take some scraps from old newspapers and arrange them chaotically a large board, and you’ll end up with a beautiful wall decoration. You can find step-by-step instructions here.

Elegant Hexagons
art decorations to your room 11
Do you have leftover decorative materials lying around? You can use them to create a magnificent wall hexagon painting, just like someone did here.

Lace Patterns
art decorations to your room 12
Another chance to make use of old doilies: if used along with some spray paint, these can help you decorate not only a painting, but also an envelope for a letter to your beloved granny. You can find the details here.

art decorations to your room 13
Those who collect pieces of unused wallpaper can have fun drawing pictures with herringbone patterns. Detailed instruction are right here.

Milk Secrets
art decorations to your room 14
An iron can be used to reveal a pre-made ’milk pattern’, which looks utterly amazing — believe us, we checked! The intricacies of the process are explained here.

A Family Archive
art decorations to your room 15
A beautiful painting made of photos of your loved ones will keep you warm even on the coldest day, and the colored inserts will cheer you up. Have some questions? Find the answers here.


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