After He Returned Money He Stole To His Preacher, What Happened Next Changed His Life Forever

I was preaching at a large revival recently when I realized the $100 bill in my back pocket was missing. It had fallen out on the front pew before I walked up to preach.

A young man saw it fall out and instead of telling me, he took it for himself.

During the meet and greet line after the service, the same young man came to me in tears, handed me the money, and asked for my forgiveness.

I forgave him and asked him why he took it. He told me he was out of work and behind on his bills. I handed the money back to him and told him to keep it.

The man behind him in line was a wealthy business owner. He heard our conversation and stepped forward with a thousand dollars and placed it in the young man’s hand. He broke down and sobbed.

Sometimes when we think we deserve punishment, God gives grace instead. He is a loving Father. Don’t ever be afraid of coming clean with God in repentance. There is freedom in asks of forgiveness.

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