Couple With Autistic Children Are Stunned When The Cashier Told Them About Red Dye 40

I had a couple come through my line with two carts filled to the brim with stuff. As I was checking them out, and they were super helpful! They are apologizing for so much stuff. I keep telling them it’s no big deal. They explain that their kids both have Autism, and so they try to go out as in frequently as possible with them. Both kids are in counseling, and meds, etc. but they still have outbursts.

Recently one of my friends found her daughter had an allergy to Red Dye 40 and told me all about it and how it messes with the kid and is especially bad for kids with Autism. I start looking at the stuff they are buying, and it clicks. So I give a disclaimer I AM NOT A DOC, but I have been hearing that a lot of the dyes in food, Red Dye 40 specifically can make for behavioral issues in kids with Autism. They had never heard of it. Cut to a month later. I see them walking past my lane with 2 carts of stuff, and the mom pushing the second cart skids to a stop, says, “She’s here!” and get in my already insanely long line. As I’m working through the people before her, the managers keep trying to get them into another shorter or open lane.

They refuse.

I finally get to them, and they were just gushing overjoyed. They brought up the dye thing to the doctors, and they said it’s not proven, but can’t hurt. So away goes all food with Red Dye 40 and a yellow one which is a suspect dye as well.

The outbursts are cut down, getting better, and life has gotten so much easier. Next month they are going to start trying to hit the public a bit more.

Then the mom tells me the eldest; a girl has something for me. I come around the lane, and kneel down for her. She can’t look me in the eye, but she holds out a card. Once I take it, she zooms to hide behind dad.

Guys. She made me a card saying thank you. Golly, I wanted to hug her so bad! Hugged the mom instead.


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