Autistic Woman Is Unhappy With Her Life

For me, horrible. I am lonely. I want to be around people so much. I love talking, they taught me to talk and forgot to give me others to talk to. I want to work, but I need supervision.

I hit my head on things when I am upset. I hate that. My arms flap when I am excited and people stare. People stare for other reasons too…

And I love children and children love me, they love to talk to me and ask questions or talk to me about cartoons. I would never harm anyone but their parents act like their child is in danger it makes me feel like I am a terrible person.

Luckily now I am friends with an 8-year-old and she is awesome, loves legos and we have a lot of talks about who is the best Disney princess. Explorers (I told her about an explorer in lego Johnny Thunder who explored tombs and she has suddenly decided to love the idea) and also about a doctor who and time travel (The back seat of her car is a time machine when we go anywhere!)

So I guess, in short, Autism is lonely, it can cause a lot of pain, it’s like being trapped in a body that is only half loaded. Just cause people are aware of autism or accept autism, doesn’t mean they will make time for those with autism.

Also, I wish I could dress and shower myself and care for myself better and also go out on my own. I would go out every day.

Friends make it easier.

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