This Is The Most Touching Story Between A Parent And Child. At 8:28, Your Heart Will Shatter.

Arthur Fleischmann and Tammy Starr had twin daughters. One of them, Carly Fleischmann, was diagnosed with Autism at 2-years-old. They were told by specialists that Carly would likely peak at the mental abilities of a 6-year-old. Friends told them to put Carly in a home, but instead, they had three therapists who worked with Carly 1-on-1 for 40 to 60 hours a week, knowing that her early development was pivotal to her mental growth.

“How can you give up on your kid?” Carly’s father said in an interview.

Everyone thought she wasn’t able to communicate, but when she turned eleven, she started to type and communicate with her parents for the first time. Now, at 17, she has her own blog and published a book. This story goes to show the incredible things someone can accomplish when they have love and support on their side.


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