Wife Poses For Elegant Photo And Doesn’t Hear Her Husband Yell ‘Wave’ Until It Clobbers Her

I am not the most graceful person in the world. In fact, I am downright clumsy and have a long history of falls, bumps, and minor accidents. But not to worry — I almost never get hurt and have a pretty good sense of humour about my mistakes and missteps.

Because of my own lack of grace, I always appreciate someone who embraces life’s silly and awkward moments. As long as no one gets hurt, these blunders and mishaps make for funny stories… and in this digital age, hilarious videos!

Rosangela de Silva was posing for a dramatic photograph on a beautiful rock with the ocean behind her. The only problem was that she didn’t realize her husband was filming.

“On a beach day, I decided to take a photograph on a rock that I found gorgeous,” she wrote. “I was not aware my husband was making a video. While I was posing, he started to scream about the wave, and it really took me by surprise.”

The lighting and composition were perfect: she was wearing a white dress and her blonde hair was blowing in the wind with the blue-grey of the sea and sky all around her.

She was the portrait of elegance — until she wasn’t. As seen in the video, Rosangela arranges herself on the rock while her husband shouts a warning from behind the camera. Just as she has everything just right, a giant wave engulfs her, washing away her picture-perfect moment.

Of course, first and foremost, we are glad she was not hurt! Although things didn’t quite go as planned, her awkward mermaid moment will surely become a family classic and the source of endless smiles.

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