Mom And Dad Get A Huge Surprise On The Day Of Their Son’s Delivery

When Katrina got pregnant, she and Danny couldn’t wait to welcome their son into the world — but just a couple of months before learning the big news, Katrina also learned that her beloved mom was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. It was a crushing blow, to say the least.

But that’s when Katrina made an incredible decision. Wanting her mother to play an important role in the welcoming of the grandchild she would never get to meet, Katrina decided to have her mother choose her baby’s name. Just before she passed away, Katrina’s mom picked out a name and told it to Katrina’s sister, Sarah. Katrina and Danny wanted the name to be a complete surprise until the day their son was born. Though it was a difficult feat, Sarah kept the name a total secret for six months.

Finally, on Friday the 13th, it was time to reveal the long-awaited secret when Katrina’s beautiful little boy entered the world. “The delivery room was filled with our mum’s things and pictures so she felt close to us and everything was perfect,” Sarah writes on YouTube.

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