Pretty Family Smiles For The Camera — Then The Tiny Baby Starts To Pee

Everyone probably assumes that baby photo shoots must be the easiest, most peaceful sets to be on.

But anyone who has come into contact with a living, breathing, tiny infant knows that nothing can ever go as planned.

Just take a look at new parents Farren and Jeff Carlson’s newborn shoot to get an idea.

The Carlson welcomed baby Pryor a little over a month ago, expanding their adorable brood to three boys.

And naturally, with the rise of popular maternity and baby photo shoots in mind (seriously, even pregnant mommy dogs are taking photos today), they decided to go in for a photo shoot themselves.

Abbie Rogers, of Abbie Rogers Photography, spoke to the Daily Mail about the experience, including the moment that baby Pryor had a hilarious accident…

Scroll down to see the hilarious little “accident” in this adorable photo shoot, and let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

baby pees in photoshoot

Farren Carlson and her husband Jeff are parents to three adorable little boys: Caison, Amden, and their newest addition, Pryor.

baby pees in photoshoot

Little Pryor William Carlson was born in late February.

To celebrate the birth of their healthy new son, the growing family enlisted the help of photographer Abbie Rogers, of Abbie Rogers Photography, to snap some beautiful photos for them.

baby pees in photoshoot

What started out as a perfectly graceful and composed photo shoot soon took a rather surprising (and incredibly hilarious) turn…

baby pees in photoshoot

Halfway through the shoot, baby Pryor decided to go number one right then and there.

“It happens a lot especially during newborn shoots because they are naked for a lot of the time… most of the time it’s number two, though,” Abbie Rogers told Daily Mail Australia.

baby pees in photoshoot

Rogers goes on to say that while there have always been cute little messy accidents on set, she’s never had the chance to capture it on camera.

In baby Pryor’s case, Rogers was quick enough to snap a picture just as soon as he started squirming in his mom’s arms.

baby pees in photoshoot

“When you have little boys, this happens a lot, and this was the couple’s third boy, so it wasn’t really a shock,” she added.

“We all had quite a good laugh.”

baby pees in photoshoot

The photo has since gone completely viral and has been liked over 2,000 times on Rogers’ Facebook page alone.

Rogers has been photographing newborns with their families for more than four years and certainly plans on continuing to do so.

“Parents say how much patience I must have, but the babies are just so tiny and innocent and perfect,” she said.

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