Photos Capturing The Moment A Baby Interrupts A Photoshoot In Hilarious Fashion…

Photographer Abbie Rogers family photo sessions with newborns are incredible.  She has managed to capture these families without leaving any details behind.

In the middle of the photo shoot, this baby decided to spice things up a little and took his bathroom break in the middle of the shot. “It happens a lot especially during newborn shoots because they are naked for a lot of the time… most of the time it’s number two though,” said the photographer to Daily Mail Australia.

“This was the couple’s third boy so it wasn’t really a shock. We all had quite a good laugh,” explains Abbie, who deals with situations like this everyday. “It happens all the time but I’ve never got it on camera. I had stepped down because he had started squirming and as soon as I did it happened so I snapped one quick image.”

Take a look at this couple’s sensual photo shoot with their newborn baby.

baby photoshoot

baby photoshoot

baby photoshoot


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