Cashier Calmly Responded After Customer Tried To Trash Her Store

Lady was talking to a friend of hers while making eye contact with me the whole time; I was on the till. Her friend asked her what she was doing,”I’m discarding what I don’t want.” She was leaving miscellaneous food items on the jewelry counter, and then promptly got in my line. I asked her, “Can you bring me those items you just discarded on the Jewelry?” I don’t like my store looking like a disaster.

She snakily replies, “No… Not right now, I have places to be.”(which is a big, hell no! to me) She places her items on my counter, as I just stand there looking at her. She asks if I’m going to ring her up, I reply, “No… Not right now.”

I step out from behind the till walk slowly over to the Jewelry counter and pick up the items in question. I take my time putting them in the returns cart. Nothing else is said about the transaction.

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