Customer Returns A Box Of Stale Of Cupcakes, With This Surprise Inside…

Even if you’re not from Australia, you’ve probably heard of the Kyle and Jackie O Show. The Sydney radio program has sky-rocketed to fame over the past few years, due in part to its philanthropic spirit.

Kyle and Jackie are experts at not only finding individuals in need, but giving them something that really makes a difference. For some it’s money, others a vacation to spend time with family, but whatever the case, the duo always finds a clever and memorable way to present their gift.

Of all the people Kyle and Jackie have helped, Sharon, of Mrs. C’s Cupcakes in Penrith, Australia, is definitely among the most deserving. The business owner and mom of four has been faced with trial after trial, but through it all, she keeps an upbeat and positive attitude – even when dealing with a “disgruntled customer!” Watch as Jackie confronts her over stale cupcakes, only to hand over a big surprise.


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