In 1963 These Two Legends Got Together For An Unforgettable Duet…

Barbra Streisand has been entertaining the world for decades with her singing and movie appearances. There are few celebrities that have achieved the same level of fame as her, and even fewer who share the same unique look and charm. If you grew up in the 1960s, then you probably know her from her breakout role in the 1968 musical, “Funny Girl.” She later featured in other popular movies such as “Hello, Dolly” and “Yentl,” and then went on to release the chart-topping “Partners” album in 2014. At 74 years old, Streisand is still as relevant as ever. I could go on and on about everything she’s achieved, but I would be talking for a while.

Instead, here’s a video of her doing what she did best, alongside legendary actor Judy Garland. This 1963 video clip from The Judy Garland Show features a 21-year-old Barbra Streisand singing a duet with Garland entitled “Get Happy/Happy Days Are Here Again.” This is just one of many duets Streisand has been a part of in her long career. She’s also teamed up with other notable singers such as Barry Manilow, Frank Sinatra, Celine Dion, and even the legendary Ray Charles.

Her singing abilities are perfectly highlighted in this clip, especially as she gets towards the middle of the song. Although her TV appearance only lasted a few minutes, this duet between her and Judy Garland opened up several doors for her in the music and film industry. What you’re seeing is the birth of Barbra Streisand as the star we know today.


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