The Beatles Perform ‘Don’t Let Me Down’ As A Group For The Last Time

On Jan. 30, 1969, on the roof of Apple Studios, no one knew it, but they were witnessing The Beatles last time they would ever perform together as a group.

Now a high-definition video of their final performance of John Lennon’s “Don’t Let Me Down” has been released, and fans of the Fab Four everywhere are devouring it to the tune of 4.4 million views on YouTube in about six weeks.

Lennon had actually told his bandmates earlier that year he would be leaving the group, but the quartet kept it under wraps until April of 1970 when Paul McCartney indicated he would be leaving the group in the promotional material for his solo album, thus taking most of the pressure off Lennon, according to Ultimate Classic Rock.

The rooftop recording session replaced what was meant to be a full-on concert for the band. In the 46 years since it took place, it has been emulated and parodied by everyone from The Rutles to U2 to “The Simpsons.

Although all four members of the band enjoyed success — none more than McCartney — they would never reunite in full again, and lost Lennon in 1980 when he was murdered in New York.


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