He Walks In An Elevator And Pulls A Prank That Is Hilarious

There’s a few reasons why someone wouldn’t want to go into an elevator; maybe they’re claustrophobic or maybe they’ve been trapped in one before, but these people will have a whole new reason to avoid them!

No one wants to be in the elevator that breaks, but I bet even less people would want to be in the elevator filled with hundreds of bees.

The folks from the popular YouTube channel Canal BOOM decided to have a little fun and pulled an elevator prank while dressed as a beekeeper and carrying five boxes of “bees”. The victims of the prank would get on the elevator with the costumed man who suddenly receives a phone call – this is where the prank really starts! The would-be beekeeper can’t control the boxes without using both hands, and they fall. At this point he tells the victim to get down and not move, all the while their own screams are probably freaking them out more than anything else!



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