Army Veteran Gets Dramatic Makeover, Sees Her Own Beauty for First Time

Belita Edwards joined the army almost 50 years ago to give herself a better life. The petite military veteran says that while she’s always valued herself, she’s never known quite how to make her outer appearance match her inner zest.


So, when Paul Mitchell’s Makeovers That Matter approached Edwards, she was thrilled to put herself in the capable hands of some of the world’s greatest beauty experts. She was particularly happy to have them reinvent her dry, lackluster, overly bleached blonde shoulder length hair.

Makeovers That Matter is specifically aimed at female veterans who may have spent a lifetime looking out for everyone but themselves.

As we watch Belita transform with an extensive hair makeover that includes deep conditioning, a fabulous and hip young cut, and a warm brandy color mixed in with the blonde to give her a fresh new look, we can see a whole new woman begin to emerge. With a soft and flattering makeup application (she’d never worn any before), this grandmother suddenly looks half her age!

She gasps looking at herself in the mirror for the first time, post-makeover. “I don’t recognize myself,” she exclaims in awe. With a fresh outfit to top off her look, she leaves Paul Mitchell feeling completely revived and reinvigorated. And after her many years of service in the US military, that’s the very least that she deserves.


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