See How Benedict Cumberbatch Plays Smaug In “The Hobbit.” His Voice Will Give You Chills…

If you’ve ever been to a production of a Shakespeare play, you might have noticed that the actors have a unique way of delivering lines. The emotion and projection behind the lines was originally intended to allow the entire audience to hear the play in the days before microphones, but continues as a trademark of the classically trained actor. A good sign you’re seeing one of these actors is plenty of spit flying as they launch their voices to the back of the theater.

Benedict Cumberbatch, a man known for his booming voice and fierce delivery, began his career on the Shakespearean stage. A rarity in a man his age, he can truly match the theatrical intensity of some of the greats of our time, such as his “Hobbit” co-star Sir Ian McKellen.

With that comes a fair amount of saliva. And some incredible facial expressions. We all know that the “Sherlock” star voiced the dragon Smaug, but how many knew he actually acted out the entire part for motion capture? This incredible behind-the-scenes footage of the thespian writhing and seething truly makes us all a little bit scared. We’re not entirely sure his teeth aren’t swords.


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