Drink Lemon Water Instead Of Taking Pills If You Have One Of These 14 Problems

Oh, the poor, wrongly maligned lemon. We use it to represent life’s “sour” times, or when things go horribly wrong. This citrus fruit does not deserve the abuse it takes. Because in truth, lemons are a major health-booster.

benefits of lemon water

You probably know that lemons are loaded with Vitamin C. But did you also realize they have B vitamins, potassium, antioxidants, and a host of other critical elements inside their tart and juicy flesh?

Starting your day with a simple glass of freshly squeezed lemon juice, mixed into water, will kick off your energy like nobody’s business. You’ll also be detoxified, less likely to overeat, and even your pH levels will be stabilized, all because of the juice of a simple lemon each morning.

This beautiful yellow fruit can even stave off infections. Because it contains so many vitamins, along with bioflavonoids and magnesium, it will help to strengthen your own body’s immune system, which is your built-in “soldier” for good health.

But wait, there’s more! Lemons can help your muscles bounce back after a hard workout…keep your appetite under control and speed up weight loss…prevent and alleviate both gall bladder and kidney stones…combat acid reflux (often referred to as “GERD”), and even ward off fibromyalgia and colitis.

Drinking Warm Lemon Water on an Empty Stomach is Beneficial for These 14 Health Conditions:
1. Heals Acne
Drinking lemon water aids metabolize the body’s acidic environment thus preventing acne breakouts. Moreover, you can rub some lemon juice on your face for this purpose.

2. Suppression of Appetite and Weight Loss
Enzymes and vitamins contained in lemons help in the regulation of the blood sugar so to keep balance of the weight levels. The pectin fiber contained in this fruit fight the cravings for food.The lemon juice is a digestive aid as well. It supports bile production, responsible for food decomposition during the digestion process.

3. Elimination of Kidney Stones
The potassium in this fruit elevate the levels of citrate in the urine, thus preventing formation of oxalate.

4. Immune system Booster
Water with lemon encourages the lymphatic system, which work simultaneously with the immune system with the aim to get rid of pathogens.

5. Gall Bladder Pain
Many people with painful gall bladder stones found drinking lemon water while eating helpful.

6. Flu and Cold Remedy
This fruit is rich in the natural antioxidant, vitamin C, which boosts the immune system and possesses antibacterial and antiviral properties.

7. Gastro esophageal Reflux Disease
According to one reader, 2 weeks of drinking lemon water has replaced the tums of candy she was constantly consuming.

8. Stronger Finger Nails
According to many people, lemon water made their finger nails stronger, and cleared the white spots on them.

9. Helps with Food-Borne Illnesses
This tips can be really helpful while traveling. Consume lemon water to prevent food poisoning. One reader even credits the lemon water for relieving the pain from compressed vertebrae.

10. Deals with Fibromyalgia
Another reader stated that her exhaustion due to fibromyalgia was decreased by a combination of yoga stretches and lemon water.

11. Reduces Inflammation
This fruit helps in the neutralization of acidity, which is the major cause of tissue inflammation.

12. Soothes Sore Muscles after Exercise
After a hard exercise, prepare yourself a fresh lemon juice and the pain in your muscles will be soothed.

13. Reduces Joint Pain and Swelling
Lemon water lowers the uric acid in joints, which is among the major causes of inflammation (especially in arthritis).

14. Lowers Cravings for Alcohol
One reader stated he succeeded to get rid of his alcohol craving by consuming lemon juices at parties.

Yes, the poor lemon’s bad reputation is not at all deserved. In fact, when life gives us lemons, we should ingest as many as we can to stay healthy for a long, long time.


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