These Are The Best Exercises To Lose Arm Fat At Home

Oh, that arm fat jiggle: we all hate it, we cover it up, and we shudder when we see pictures of it. But how on earth do we get rid of it?

First of all, let’s take a look at what causes arm fat to begin with. Some of it, of course, is genetic. But beyond that, what you eat and how you work out are the keys to trim, toned arms. Moreover, age is not our friend when it comes to ripped arms. The older we are, the harder we have to work to keep those guns looking ready to wear a sleeveless top.

Sadly, the more years we have, the less natural muscle tone and conversely, the more fat we store.
There are plenty of easy-to-find You Tube videos that can show you simple arm exercises. But consider how much of a workout you can get just going about your daily life as well.

For example, when you go grocery shopping, those 24-packs of water bottles are probably a good 10 pounds, if not more. Simply lifting one pack in and out of your cart, in and out of your car, and then into house provides a pretty decent upper body workout if you do it a few times a week.

Want more “real life” arm exercises? Try using a tree or a wall to do standing pushups. You can make arm circles forward and back just about anywhere to keep your shoulders looking great (this one will also relieve a lot of tension in your neck and back!) And grab a heavy bag of frozen veggies for a light weight you can lift above your head and lower.

Once you get in the habit of exercising anywhere, it stops being an odious task that you have to do after work. Even waiting in your car in the Starbucks line is a great opportunity to twist with bent elbows. See how creative you can be with coming up with new ideas to make your arms look as slender and toned as possible.


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