He Realized He’d Found His “Best Friend” When He Met His Future Wife

At 26, I’d felt I’d wasted my adult life cheating and lying and doing terrible things. Drinking, chasing women and not knowing where I was going. But a year ago, I met a woman who didn’t judge, who never said a foul word, who is understanding, and I was literally just happy to be friends with. Someone I could have around who understood I was flawed but was trying.

We connected on music and film and can talk for hours. In a bar or in a bed. We understand that life is weird together. We understand that we’re both different people without getting upset about the differences in schedules or preferred song to dance to or difference in the amount of sexual partners.

And then we fell in love. Before the relationship even started, it felt like love. I accepted her for herself, and she accepted me for myself. And she looks and sounds happy. I find myself with reason to cut back drinking. Not to buy drugs. Not to even remotely look at other women in a serious way because I am truly pleased.

I’m in love with my best friend and, for the first time in a relationship, I feel loved back. Not used for the money I make or how serving I am, but I feel love for me. It’s truly wonderful and makes everything else feel so wonderful.

I know this isn’t a typical “off my chest” post, but I have nowhere else to go. I’m happy and have no one else to tell it to so, hey, so I’m writing it here.

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