Top 25 Best Wedding Proposals Of All Time

The most exciting proposal I’ve seen live was a flash mob at Balboa Park in San Diego. Dozens of people were involved in a well-choreographed dance and the weather was perfect. Naysayers may judge these types of proposals as unnecessary and over-the-top, but I felt as though it matched the energetic couple well.

More recently, I happened to be walking through a local dog park when I saw a young man get down on one knee, causing his leading lady’s jaw to drop. She nodded slowly, and brought him close for a tight embrace. I never learned what the story was behind this particular location, but no matter the reason, I found this intimate moment to be just as heartwarming as the first.

Below you’ll find (a handful of) the best marriage proposals out there. Some required extreme planning – one took an entire year – while others work magic in their simplicity. It is a beautiful thing, I think, to see diversity in the ways people choose to express their love.

#1. Surprise Photobook Proposal
best wedding proposal 1

#2. Renaissance Festival Proposal
best wedding proposal 2

#3. First Home Together Proposal #1
best wedding proposal 3

#4. Teepee Proposal
best wedding proposal 4

#5. One man asked random New Yorkers to hand his girlfriend white roses. Toward the end of the trail, her close friends got involved. And at the very end…
best wedding proposal 5

The 25 Best Marriage Proposals Of All Timeā€¦ The Photos Of #11 Made Me Cry.
#6. Wakeboarding Proposal
best wedding proposal 6

#7. Sand Art Proposal
best wedding proposal 7

#8. Custom Monopoly Board Proposal
best wedding proposal 8

#9. 365 Day Proposal
best wedding proposal 9

#10. This couple rented out a beautiful hotel room and had a joint marriage proposal!
best wedding proposal 10

#11. Jurassic Park Proposal
best wedding proposal 11

#12. One boyfriend proposed with an empty box…
best wedding proposal 12

#13. One man surprised his 26-year-old girlfriend, a breast cancer patient, by proposing to her pre-surgery.
best wedding proposal 13