She Was Being Abused By Her Stepfather, But Then A Gang Of Bikers Stop And Do This…

A lot of times, bikers get a bad rap in our society. People tend to associate them with gangs, violence, and a variety of bad deeds. But, as we learn a lot here at Wimp, things aren’t always as simple as they seem. There are a lot of bikers that do great things for the world and it’s a shame to lump them all into one group.

One of the most passionate causes for many bikers is the protection of women and children, which led to the formation of Bikers Against Child Abuse, also known as BACA. This organization is dedicated to creating a safe environment for all children and to protect them from any type of abuse. The bikers of BACA help children during horrific times and do their best to make things a little easier. Sometimes they’ll take them to school so they don’t have to take the bus, sometimes they’ll tell funny stories to brighten their day. They even break out Barbie dolls to play with every once in a while.

One of their most important jobs, however, takes place inside courtrooms. Whenever they know of a child that has to testify against their abuser, BACA members will show up to the trial as a group to lend their support. When the child is on the stand and sees all of their biker friends in front of them, it makes their task a little easier. Thank you BACA for your incredible kindness, the world needs more of it.


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