Bikers Waited In Line For 5 Days At Walmart To Buy Bicycles For Homeless Kids

Motorcycle gangs get a bad rep, but truly The Hells Angels have done some truly great things over the years. They’ve recently ramped up their good deeds yet again with their latest endeavor.

The organization’s Fresno County, California sector teamed up to purchase all of the bikes sold at Wal-Mart during Black Friday for their annual Hells Angels’ toy run. This was the 16th year of the annual event  where they donate to the homeless children and families of Fresno-based Poverello House.

They not only purchased nearly 200 bikes for this shelter, but their members waited five days outside of Wal-Mart to get the bikes and other toys for the kids this year.

One member, Merl Hefferman, said “It’s not a jacket, it’s not a glove, it’s a bicycle… You ain’t got enough money in this station that makes me feel the way I feel when I give these kids these bikes.”

The Children were presented toys and bikes and these photos speak for themselves. The bikes reflect the love the members of the organization have for their own motorcycles.  Giving to children in need while sharing their own passion, just highlights how dedicated these members are working toward a better community.


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