Meet The Biracial Twins Who Were Bullied Because People Couldn’t Accept They Are Related

Donna Aylmer cried when she found out she was giving birth to twin girls. However, after the delivery, she had to do a double take.

Lucy was born with red hair, blue eyes, and pale, freckled skin. Maria, meanwhile, was born with brown skin, brown eyes, and dark curly hair.

Donna is half black and half white; her husband is white. The family from Gloucester, England, were stunned to see their twins born with different complexions. However, when the girls turned 18 in 2015, they appeared to look even more drastically different.

The sisters are best friends but share little resemblance. Most people don’t even believe that they’re related. Unfortunately, this led to bullying in school.

“They thought I was adopted and called me a ghost,” Lucy tearfully said.

Although Lucy was bullied, Maria desired a few of Lucy’s features while growing up.

“I used to cry about it. I hate my curly hair,” Maria said, coveting her sister’s fine, red hair.

Today, they have different personalities. While most don’t expect twins to be opposites, the duo proves that opposites attract. They’re inseparable. Maria is more extroverted and Lucy is more introverted, but both have embraced their individuality.

The twins just want others to accept the fact that they are, well, twins instead of making fun of them.

“If I have kids one day, they might come out looking like Lucy,” Maria said.

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