He’s Whispering Into Camera Just Before Entering Son’s Room For This Hilarious Reason.

When Darth Vader walked into the room of a sleeping Padawan and woke him up, Vader challenged him to a duel. The aspiring Jedi, Sebastian Lopez, 2, who sleeps with his light saber at the foot of his bed, promptly accepted Vader’s request. After the two squared off, Sebastian offered Vader a tour of his room and asked Vader to read him a story.

When Vader tried to get Sebastian to sit on his lap, Sebastian freaked out a little bit. That’s when Vader took off his mask and revealed his secret–that he was actually Sebastian’s father, Rob. “He was excited to have Vader in his room, but he wanted to keep a safe distance,” Rob Lopez told Today. “Once he did that, I took off the helmet and showed him it was his daddy.”

Rob Lopez said he decided to dress up as Darth Vader to see how his son would react. Sebastian is a big Star Wars fan, just like Rob. Rob said he got permission from his wife before showing up in Sebastian’s room as Darth Vader, but he knew his son would be alright.

“To be honest, I had a strong feeling he wouldn’t freak out,” Lopez told Today. “Sebastian is a pretty fearless kid and not much [fazes] him.”

Rob recorded Sebastian’s reaction and posted the video to YouTube, where it went viral.

Watch the video below:


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