Sweet Blind Shelter Dog Who Cries When He Gets Left Alone Needs A New Home

When Jinx’s family brought him to the Animal Care Center of New York City (ACC), they said, “He’s an amazing dog” and then left him in the shelter’s care.

Five-year-old Jinx was given up because he wasn’t doing well living with other dogs, other than that, they told the shelter he’s incredibly friendly and gentle — and that he loves to take naps.


When the pit bull mix arrived at the shelter, he was very scared and confused, he’s blind. so new places and situations can be very nerve-wracking for him.

Now, he has no idea why he’s suddenly without his family, and seems desperately to want out of the shelter.  When Jinx is left alone, all he can do is cry.


“He’s always in front of his kennel, anxious and hoping to go out,” Caitlyn Himmel, a volunteer with the ACC. “He doesn’t want to go back in and he cries once he’s inside. He’s definitely stressed in his kennel.”

Being alone in a new place when you can’t see anything at all must be absolutely terrifying. When Jinx is out of his kennel, he’s a completely different dog, and is excited to meet new people and explore the world.


Jinx may be blind, but he has never for a second let that stop him from getting around. “He bumps into everything but doesn’t let it get him down at all,” Himmel said. “He’s very alert and senses movement, even though he can’t see at all.”

The only thing that does get Jinx down is when he has to go back into his kennel and spend time in the unfamiliar shelter. Given a new home and family, Jinx is sure to thrive.


Jinx will need to be the only pet in his new home, but other than that, he just needs love. “In terms of the kind of home he should go to — one who wants an awesomely loving dog who will adore you to the moon and back,” Himmel said.


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