Girls Starts Screaming At This Young Man After He Accidentally Brushed Her. But The Reality Is Shocking.

About a year ago at my university, there was this blind man who was THE NICEST GUY EVER. Seriously, he takes a full schedule of classes and is always somewhere on campus. He uses a white cane to help guide himself, but still, understandably, gets lost on the large campus plenty of times. He doesn’t really have much of a family left, as he is much older, but he loves learning and says that’s how he wants to spend the rest of his life. Anytime I see him, I always say whats up and walk with him to where he wants to go because he tells some of the coolest stories.

One day I was walking down the hall of one of the campus buildings, and I saw him accidentally brush a girl with his cane, he immediately apologized. Well, instead of being understanding of the fact that he is blind, she starts screaming at him and telling him to not be such a “pervert.” He keeps apologizing and saying he didn’t mean to bump her with his cane, but she isn’t having it, she is making a scene.

I’ve never moved so fast in my entire life, I sprinted across the hall and said: “Hey, what the hell is wrong with you?” She is shocked, since I guess she didn’t think there was anyone else in the hall watching, and she starts saying how he hit her with his cane and all I do, in the most I’m not angry at you, I’m just disappointed tone’ I can utter, I tell her,

“That man has more dignity and self-worth than you will ever have. Apologize to him, and leave,” I said.

She apologized without even looking at him and walked away with her head hanging down.

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