Warning Signs That Your Body Is Being Over Stressed

Medical conditions and illnesses are usually caused by prolonged stress. Most experts agree that too much stress can wreak havoc on your health. How can you tell if you’re overly stressed and need to take things a little easier?

· Lower Sex Drive – When you’re stressed out, you may feel exhausted to enjoy any kind of sexual activity. Stress can reduce the hormone levels that relate to the libido. In order to enjoy your sex life again, you need to reduce your stress level. Involve your partner in the discussion to address the problem.

· Hair Loss – People lose, on average, around 100 hairs each day without knowing it. However, stress is the biggest reason for hair loss because of its negative effect on the body’s physiologic functions. The more stress the body is under, the more hair that is lost.

· Mood Changes – People under significant stress may have recurrent mood swings – they may feel anxious, become addicted to something, suffer from an obsessive-compulsive disorder or any other mental health problem.

· Obsessing About Work – Stress about work makes people think about it as well as their obligations to it. However, the surefire way to avoid this issue is to take a break and think about issues calmly. Too much thinking about it will only lead to psychological and physical problems. Spend time with the family to relax.

· Weight Fluctuations – Stress will lead to weight fluctuations – people may not want to weight, which causes them to lose weight. This could hinder the metabolism and eventually lead to weight gain.

· Sleep Problems – An excessive amount of stress causes problems with one’s sleep. They may feel exhausted. To regain restful sleep, a person must learn what the underlying reason is for their stress. They can also meditate, exercise, read a book or take up yoga to help them relax.

· Anxiety – Stress eventually leads to stress, which can increase the possibility of aggravation over little things.

· Little to No Patience – When you’re stressed out, you may not have the patience for anything, causing you to become irritated and upset easily. Instead of the arguments that can ensue, come up with ways to address the stress.

· Physical Pain – Your body can become physically injured by the stress, including stomach problems, sore, tightened muscles, ulcers, chest pain, diarrhea, and arthritis.

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