When His Employee Made Fun Of An Overweight Woman, The Boss Admonished Him

Back when I was a foreman on a landscaping truck, we had a lot of new hires in and out. Guys that can’t get jobs elsewhere because of records or ongoing drug addiction. So a little rough around the edges, but you can find diamonds in the rough. People that have made mistakes, but want to better themselves and have no other outlet to prove it besides a blue collar job like that.

Well, one day we had a guy who gave a speech like that. He said he was trying to come back from a few years in which he was drug addicted and it got him a few felonies. So we gave him a shot. At about noon, we’re driving down a pretty busy street in the area and we see an overweight woman just struggling. Covered in sweat and jogging gear. It was like 90° out that whole week. Well, he rolls down the window and screams something at her, and starts laughing.

Ooohhh boy I tore him a new one. I pulled over and kicked him out of the truck and told him to thank you, his services are no longer required. He showed up later to the shop after the day was over apologizing profusely. I told him someone who was looking to make improvements should know what its like to be ridiculed while you make the attempt.

I gave him a second chance and he ended up being a really good employee and never did shit like that again.

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