Woman Painted Her Staircase To Look Like Her Collection Of Favorite Books

Pippa Branham and her husband moved to their first permanent home just last year and Pippa decided to personalize their home.

Pippa wanted to make the stairs safer for children, so she thought carpeting the stairs (£200) would be a good idea, that was until she stumbled upon a DIY picture on Pinterest… She decided to decorate the stairs with the covers of her favorite books. The result is not only amazingly good looking, but also safe for kids, as she mixed the paint with children’s play sand to make it grippy, and not to mention £180 cheaper than her original idea to carpet the stairs!Book cover staircase1

Book cover staircase2

Book cover staircase3

Book cover staircase4

Book cover staircase5

Book cover staircase6

Book cover staircase7

Book cover staircase8

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