4-Year-Old Is Excited For School, But Mom Is Outraged When Teacher Sees Him And Kicks Him Out

Four-year-old Jabez Oates was so excited to begin kindergarten at Barber’s Hill Kindergarten Center. The little boy from Mont Belvieu, Texas, is smart, energetic, and enthusiastic about learning.

Jabez loved his first two days of school. But when his mom Jessica brought him on the third day, administrators refused to let him in.

They said he was no longer allowed in class because of the “inappropriate” length of his brown hair. The school’s policy requires boys’ hair to be above the eyes, ears, and neck, but the rule does not apply to girls.

“He’s never had a haircut,” Jessica says. “It’s just kind of part of his identity.”

Jessica says she was told two things: firstly, she’d need a letter citing a religious or cultural exception. And secondly, they were not to come back until Jabez’s hair was cut.

She tried putting his hair in a bun, but it still wasn’t acceptable.

Furious, the single working mom is now firing back in a big way.

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